Steve Cates provides professional piano tuning services and repair throughout Maine. His piano repair cities include Waterville, Augusta, Bangor, and Portland. He is a Steinway Factory-Trained Technician. It is recommended that you have your piano tuned once a year. However, newer pianos should be tuned three to four times in that first and second year.

It is essential to get your piano tuned to sound its very best. In addition, getting your piano tuned regularly will prevent your piano from shifting so that it is difficult to tune to the concert pitch again. Sometimes it is best not to tune an older piano to concert pitch like you would tune a new piano. Depending on the age of your piano and how out of tune it is, it could require a more extended amount of time of pitch adjustment to bring it close to its original concert pitch.

For scheduling, call (207) 944-3096 or email

Schedule an appointment by calling (207) 944-3096 or by emailing

Service Price
Hourly standard charge $100 first hour/ $80/hr for second hour + parts
Grand hammer shaping, complete regulation and tone building process for pianos that had not had the strings previously 'bedded' $2700
Restringing $1500 to $2000 depending on size
Standard Tuning (and minor work) $120 to $160
Move pianos in and out of state Contact For Price
Major Pitch Adjustment $40
Complete action regulation $240
Full disassembly and cleaning $80
Appraisals $80
Evaluations $80
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