How Long Should A Maine Piano Tuning Last

It is difficult to say how long a Maine piano tuning will last. A lot of it will depend on the age of the piano and how often it is used. It will need to be tuned often if it is a newer piano. A new piano will need to be tuned every 3 to 9 months for two to four years. After that, it will need to be tuned less often. After a piano is about four years old, it tends to hold on to its tuning for a more extended period.

How much a piano is tuned is determined by how much it is played. If you own a piano training studio, you will need your piano tuned more often than a piano that is just used occasionally. For example, if your piano is being played once a day, it will need to be tuned once every three months.

Pianos are usually tuned to the A440 concert pitch. Therefore, if the piano's pitch drops, it must be tuned again to restore it to its pitch.

Because Maine weather has such extremes, it may need to be tuned more often. Humidly significantly affects if and when a piano needs to be adjusted. Maine's humidity level can go through significant swings depending on the time of year. If possible, keep your piano in a place in your house where it is not affected by humidity levels outside. Maine piano tuning is an essential part of keeping your piano tuned so that it can and will play well for many years to come. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

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